Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Spring Time

It’ here!! Our very 1st collection launch as Toadstool Tots!!

In February this year, we grew our business with the addition of Toadstool Tots - our NEW children's wear department. Now, we are so happy to announce the launch of Spring Time, our NEW girls clothing collection that includes skirts, sun hats, hair bobbles and headbands, all designed and handmade in beautiful Spring printed fabrics.

What’s even more exciting is that we have now introduced baby sizes, with our skirts, sun hats and headbands starting at age 3-6 months.

Right now to celebrate, we're having a Giveaway on our Facebook page were you could be in with a chance to WIN one of our NEW skirts! Visit our Toadstool Tots Facebook page Here to take part!

All our new items are handmade to order especially for your little one. You can find our full collection in our Etsy shop Here

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Toadstool Tots

Friday, 24 February 2017

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is on Sunday the 26th of March this year, and what better way to show your mum how much you care than with a gift from The Butterfly and Toadstool. 

We've put together this gift guide to showcase our most popular items to help you pick the perfect Mother's Day present for your mum. 

To start off, we've got a great selection of greetings cards that suit all mums - even brand new ones! 
All our Mother's day cards are available to buy through our NEW Etsy shop Here. Mother's Day cards are all £3.80 each and come with FREE UK postage and packaging. 

Unique gifts for unique mums 

These beautiful trinket accessories are all super special and many of them are one of a kind. Links to each item can be found below or you can visit our full Jewellery shop Here.
Shop these pendants - Fern and Berry Locket, Purple Heather Acorn, Hexagonal Lavender Bottle, Lucky White Heather Heart Bottle, Hexagonal Heather Locket

Beautiful Brooches

Birds, Hearts and Squirrels, what's not to love! These pretty brooches are perfect for the eco warrior/fashion conscious mum as they are beautifully stylish and made from recycled paper. These are also unique and many have matching earrings available too so do check out our other items in store. Links to each item can be found below.

Shop these Brooches - Bird Brooch, Squirrel Brooch, Heart Brooch

On Facebook? Then pop over and check out our pages The Butterfly and Toadstool and Toadstool Tots. You can keep up to date with everything that's new with us too by hitting the Like button while your there. That way you wont miss a thing!
And as always, if you have any questions about these or any of our other items then please don't hesitate to contact us. We're a friendly bunch!

The Butterfly and Toadstool

Monday, 6 February 2017

Welcome To Toadstool Tots!

We did it! I finally took the plunge and told you our big announcement via our 1st video ! And what a reaction it's had! Thank you so much again for all your support and wonderful feedback. This is a huge leap for B&T so it's great to have you all on board and as excited about it all as I am.

I realise that as this is still so new, and such a change to our small business, it would be a good idea to break down all the main points here as a kind of written Q&A session to help you digest the change. 

So I'm going to start here, right at the beginning, and see if I can clear the path for everything new that's to come. So go and make yourself a brew, get comfy and read on!

Q. So, what is The Butterfly and Toadstool?
A. The Butterfly and Toadstool is what I named my small business when it first started back in 2012. I'm a designer who hand-makes a wide variety of products ranging from jewellery and accessories, to childrens clothing and home decor. Since the beginning I've always had big plans for The Butterfly and Toadstool (sometimes shortened to B&T) and have always worked towards making them a reality. You can read more about the beginning of my journey here.

Q. Why the split?
A. After going full time with my business last year, I managed to grow it, and the variety of products, faster than I had first thought. I realised that with the speed at which it was expanding, it was getting harder and harder to explain and showcase everything I had to offer to new and existing customers. So, I did a lot of brain storming and planning and decided that the best way to combat this was to organise the products together into manageable and complementing groups, and then separate them. That way, customers that are only interested in jewellery aren't interrupted with posts about childrens wear, and vice versa. And, it will make the searching time less for you guys when you're looking for a specific product.

Q. What is Toadstool Tots?
A. Toadstool Tots is the name I've given to this second branch of the business. As I design and make a lot of products especially for children, I felt it was only right to separate this part of my business and band all these products together in the one place. Making this split will now make it clearer to customers visiting my pages as to what we sell. When you come to The Butterfly and Toadstool you will now see all our jewellery and accessories while over at Toadstool Tots you'll find our kids wear and children's gift ideas. Also, I just really loved the name!!

Q. What does this mean for The Butterfly and Toadstool?
A. Do not panic! The Butterfly and Toadstool is still very much around and still in full swing. It just means that on social media and via our online Etsy shop, our products are grouped together and placed under these different shop names to make sure each one is more organised and has it's own voice. I am still The Butterfly and Toadstool, Toadstool Tots is just a way of keeping things tidy and together inside my crafty bubble! 

Q. Is everything separating or can I keep up with things in the one place? 
A. The full plan is to keep this blog and our website joint. Like I said previously, I am The Butterfly and Toadstool and I want everyone to still see that these two sides are joint. However, as we live in such a visual online world, it makes sense to have separate Instagram and Facebook pages so that the products blend better with each other rather than disjoint them. And the same goes for purchasing products, so we now have 2 Etsy shops - One for The Butterfly and Toadstool and one for Toadstool Tots.

Q. What will happen at events and markets?
A. I will still be taking part in events and markets and actually have a lot of great ones already booked for this year! The layout of these will not change. I will still be showcasing as The Butterfly and Toadstool and will bring with me a selection of all the products I have on offer, including our childrens items (unless restrictions via the event organisers are in place). Behind every item made here, whether it's jewellery or childrens clothing, is me. I design and hand-make everything and markets are a great way for me to showcase my entire range, so I will continue to do this.

Q. I have a question, but am I on the right page? 
A. Whether it's a greetings card you're after or a woodland pendant, you can send me your questions and queries through any of our contact pages and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Like I said in the video, I'm behind every incoming email so don't worry about how you contact me! Even if you just want to ask about a product, there no commitment to buy, so don't be shy! 

And finally . . .

Q. I've heard you can make custom orders, how do I go about ordering one?
A. Lots of our products can be customised to ensure you get that extra special or unique item. I will do my best to mark out products when listing them as to which ones can be personalised. But if there's something you have in mind that I've not mentioned then please just get in touch. I will always try to accommodate for custom orders, the only limitations I have are with equipment. I've been asked about custom gifts before that needed specialist equipment that I unfortunately don't have, but if I really can't help you with your idea, I'll let you know. 
In the past I've made custom decorations for 2 weddings and a baby shower so no project is too big! If you've got an idea now then message me directly here to find out if I can help.

I hope that I've managed to answer most of the questions that you have had about both The Butterfly and Toadstool and Toadstool Tots. But if there's anything your're still unsure about then please don't hesitate to contact me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can! This is a big change and it will still take some time to be fully switched over so please bear with me as the transition occurs. 

Thank you so much again for your time and for your support. I love having you join me on my many adventures!

The Butterfly and Toadstool

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Our Big Announcement

There's a big announcement to make so I thought I'd put together this little video to explain all about it! Here goes!!

Thank you for watching! You can find our new Toadstool Tots Etsy shop Here
And our Toadstool Tots Instagram feed Here

Thanks for tuning in!

The Butterfly and Toadstool

Friday, 3 February 2017

Bigger Plans Need A Bigger Space

Welcome to my studio!

I'm sure you've heard me say it before, but we have so many big plans for 2017! Since I took the leap in going full time with my business I finally have the time to put so many of my ideas into action. 

January may have been quiet for most but I was kept busy sorting dates for upcoming markets and events, creating some lovely new items and of course - Planning! 
I also took the time to work on my studio and, by getting organised (and de-cluttering!) I managed to create much more space. I'm now the very proud and happy owner of 2 work desks!

"Why all the space?" I here you ask. Well, bigger plans need a bigger space, especially when they're growing so quickly! I've always had a grand plan of what I wanted The Butterfly and Toadstool to become, and I can't think of a better time or place to push my dreams that little bit further and closer to the top than now.

In the few weeks that I've had more space I've managed to achieve things that I thought would take months. This new boost of business passion has helped push the momentum of my plans into overdrive. And now they're closer than ever! So, as it nears the date that I've set to release this new part of B&T to the world, I'll leave you with this: Make one tiny step today to make your dreams happen, even if it's just creating the space you need for them. It's amazing what you can achieve when you put your mind to it!

The Butterfly and Toadstool

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Valentines Gift Guide

Can you believe that it's almost the end of January already?! This month has just zoomed by! As we approach February I thought I'd put together a little gift guide to showcase some beautiful handmade gifts from crafters that I love and admire. Valentines Day is just around the corner after all! Whether it's a gift for you, your Valentine or even just inspiration for future presents, I'm sure you'll find something you like. We've even thrown in some Valentines themed B&T goodies for you too! So lets get cracking!

Gifts For Her

Humming bird stud earrings from Sarah Lucie Jewellery, Botanical hexagonal pendant necklace from The Butterfly and Toadstool, Miniature book necklace from Red Thread Bindery, Bunny bracelet from DeCumi Designs, Knitted heart stud earrings from BeeJouJoux, Recycled paper squirrel brooch from The Butterfly and Toadstool, Penguin Card from Cardtorial, Bird necklace from CollageEtage

Gifts For Him

Beer Glass from The Beer Monger, Cufflinks from Xtory,
Wooden Coasters from Pepper Wood and Co, Craig Shepherd Mug from Knittykittybangbang, Leather hipflask from HORD, Anchor Bracelet from MoustardLondon and Bow tie from Moaning Minnie

Gifts full of Love from The Butterfly and Toadstool!
Please find our shop by clicking here 

To view the full range of The Butterfly and Toadstool jewellery, accessories and gifts please visit our Facebook page, Website or Etsy shop. Orders can be taken through all our social media platforms as we offer secure online payment options. Please feel free to contact us regarding any of our items and we'll be happy to help. We even ship world wide!!

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The Butterfly and Toadstool

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Creating an Heirloom

Yes, I know you've heard me say it before; I love a challenge! And I love working on your special commissions, big and small. But this really must be my favourite one to date. 
At the end of last year I was approached about a unique commission, a project that would not only be a beautiful Christmas gift, but one that would be the start of a new family heirloom. It was so wonderful to be asked, I just had to say yes! The Project was to repaint and restore a stunning Rocking Horse.

Now I know this seems a million miles away from jewellery making and sewing, but I have a thing for painting and love up-cycling too. I also like a bit of DIY and am no stranger to masks and a power sander, so I knew I would enjoy the task. But it was no mean feat! Below is a summary of the jobs it entailed and of course, the all important Before and After photos!

The horse had been painted in its heyday, but age and storage conditions meant it was in need of some filling and patching from where the joins had cracked opened. It was decided that a full new paint job would be the best fix and make it showground ready for it's new home!

After a wash down and some protection prep, I started work. (Who knew that one day I'd be putting 'making a horse shower cap' on my CV!)

All the gaps and cracks were filled and the old paintwork was sanded down to give a smooth surface to work from. Then it was onto the painting!
Because Rocking Horse's are classed as toys, they must be treated and covered with the correct paint to enable them to be child safe. Unlike normal paint however, this water based Acrylic was super thin. It took 9 coats to get the horse back to it's gleaming white state!! But what a difference once it was on.

 After studying some stunning Rocking Horse paint work online, I started work on the face and legs. The old eye's had been slightly damaged during the initial works on the horse and by the adhesive used to secure them, so these were filled in and covered separately. The paint around the horses muzzle, ears and hocks needed touching up and blended better so this was done here also.

The next part was to add the dappling effect and create the full body detail. To be honest, I was quite nervous about this stage. I knew how long it had taken me to get the horse fully white, and a mistake with the black paint would mean another sanding job and 9 more coats to cover it! So I took my time, planned it out and practised with the dappling brush before committing to the horse. I was really pleased with the result and by now could see it all coming together.

With 2 coats of varnish now on and dry, and the leather cleaned and polished,the last and final part of the restoration was to tackle that hair!! 
After a wash, dry, straighten and brush (yes, I actually used my own hair straighteners to tame that mane!) I gave it a  trim and tidy up:

And Voila! A beautifully restored show pony was ready for it's new home! What do you think?

If you have a commission, big or small, that you would like to discuss with The Butterfly and Toadstool then please drop Dee a line here. We are happy to share advice and help too!

Thanks for reading!