Friday, 2 December 2016

We're In Print!!

It's official! We're in print! 
Dee is so happy to have been chosen as Artist in the Frame for issue 11 of the lovely Our Wigtownshire magazine. It's first time that she has been interviewed specifically about her business and it's so lovely to be recognised by such a great media presence in our area.
The piece describes how The Butterfly and Toadstool came to be and how Dee has been inspired to be creative her whole life. We are chuffed to bits that our story has been shared locally and we even made it onto the front page! (See Dee bottom right!)

Issue 11 of the Our Wigtownshire magazine is available to buy now from shops around the Dumfries and Galloway area in Scotland until the end of January. You can also get your copy online here.

Thanks for stopping by!

The Butterfly and Toadstool

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Wee McAsh to the Rescue!

How could you not love a wee Dachshund!!

Meet Wee McAsh! He's a super special kinda guy! 

Wee McAsh is the star of his own storybook - Wee McAsh to the Rescue, written and illustrated by his lovely owner, Amanda Sunderland.

Amanda and Wee McAsh live in a small village not far from The Butterfly and Toadstool HQ. We have been fans of this beautifully illustrated book since its launch in August 2016. And who wouldn't be after meeting this bold little doggy!

In just under 4 months this adventure storybook, based in the west coast of Scotland, has sold over 900 copies! A big success already for this little chap!
We were extremely excited when Amanda approached us to help with a brilliant idea of a Wee McProject! Below is a photo of Amanda and Dee from The Butterfly and Toadstool as they show off their latest collaboration together- Wee McAsh badges!!
These can now be bought, alongside copies of the book, at book signings and readings hosted by Amanda herself, and they can be found at markets on the B&T stall!!

Don't worry of you can't make it to one of these events, you can purchase the book online here! At the moment, the badges are not listed on the online shop, but please feel free to message us about them. We have a secure payment system in place for online orders. Books are £7.99 each plus P&P and badges are £5 each plus P&P.

These are great gift ideas to accompany this wonderful storybook, and why support one local business this Christmas when you can support two!!
If you have any questions about the book, how to buy one or how to become a stockist, then please contact Amanda here.

Alternatively, if you have questions about the badges, how to buy them, or how to commission badges of your own, then please contact Dee from The Butterfly and Toadstool here.

Thank you so much,
Dee, Amanda and Wee McAsh! xxx

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Winter Collection

It's here! The weather is changing, the nights are getting longer and the Christmas Fairs are in full swing! 
Find our fab selection of winter goodies in our Etsy shop now. Lots of lovely gift ideas and great stocking fillers. Have a look below at just some of the accessories we have on offer or follow the link above to our full online shop!

Find our full range now in our Etsy Shop

The Butterfly and Toadstool

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Alternative Root

There's a gorgeous new health food shop that's just opened in our little town, and they stock a selection of our accessories!!
Alternative Root was opened by the lovely Tabetha in Newton Stewart, Scotland on the 9th of July 2016. She's completely changed the old, dark building into a beautifully light and airy space stocking an amazing range of health foods and supplements. She also stocks clothing, accessories, freshly baked bread, organic fresh produce and vegan cosmetics. And as well as all this, there is now a new treatment room in the back where you can book to have a whole range of relaxing and alternative treatments. There really is something for everyone.

I remember my first visit to Alternative Root during the opening weekend and noticing how lovely the newly renovated space felt. Not only was I greeted with a warm welcome but the energy and light in this little oasis was friendly and peaceful. Take time to look around and you will be amazed at what they have on offer.
In such a small space there is so much to look at and choose from. I for one love the range of curry pastes and herbal tea and they also stock my favorite line of falafel mix and nut roast!

Alternative Root has now been open for just over 3 months and they continue to gain a wider variety of products, many of which are produced or grown locally. I am very fortunate that Tabetha took the time to look through my work. She selected a gorgeous range of our more earthy and natural accessories to be stocked in store, and she is now the sole stockist of our earth button earrings and hair accessories.

Alternative Root is for anyone who takes pride in their own health, who likes to shop and support local produce and who is looking for something that little bit different. I for one think we can all be that little bit different and choose the Alternative Root in life. Trust me, you wont be disappointed.


Monday, 3 October 2016

The Kist - Wigtown Book Festival

What a fantastic event!
Today was our first day "back to normal" after this years Wigtown Book Festival. And what a festival it was!
Commencing on the 23rd of September for 10 full days, the little town of Wigtown in Wigtownshire Scotland, was buzzing with writers, readers, authors and illustrators! Thousands of visitors came to soak up the atmosphere, visit the many book shops and take in a talk or two. There were interviews, demonstrations, readings, games and films to be seen, with activities available for adults and children of all ages.
As well as all the wonderful events running daily, there was a fantastic array of artists and makers showcasing and selling their wears inside the aptly names Kist tent. And I had the absolute pleasure of taking a stand at this years Autumn Kist for the full 10 days!
The Butterfly and Toadstool
Our special book festival book display!
The Butterfly and Toadstool
This year was the first time I had exhibited with The Kist and I couldn't believe it when I was given a spot at the Book Festival. Dumfries and Galloway is renowned for its many artists, crafters, makers and food producers. The talent in this area is unbelievable and the standards are exceptional. This was echoed clearly at this years Kist. 
To be involved in such an amazing event, alongside such talent, was almost overwhelming to me. But the kindness, support and encouragement that I received from the Wigtown Festival Co., all my fellow makers and everyone who visited my stall was truly heartwarming. Thank you to everyone who helped make my first Book Festival Kist so memorable. It really was such a pleasure to go to work each day with you all and it has really given me the boost I needed to plan the future of my little business.
Take a look below at just some of the wonderful businesses I had the pleasure of sharing my time with. Such a variety and true talent!

The lovely Sheena of Galloway Chillis
The extremely talented Emily of Emily's Designs
KGR Glass, Happy Snail Crafts and Our Wigtownshire
Gina Lillycrop Designs and Sarah-Jane Coeby Artist
Red Squirrel Crafts
Scaur Glen Soaps
I really had the best time and hope that I will see you all again next year!
Thanks for having me!!

The Butterfly and Toadstool

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Going Solo

This really has been a roller-coaster of a year. Not only did I have to face facts that my health is not as it used to be, but I felt that the winds of change were heading in my direction and that I would have a few big decisions to make before the year ended.

You see, it really all started a few years back. It started before we moved to the West, it started before I got my first ‘Career’ job and it actually started before B&T was even off the ground.

It was 2010, I was living in Thailand as a teacher and I woke up in pain. Not just any pain, but serious back pain. I had no idea why or how it might have happened, I just remember thinking I had never felt pain like it before and had not been hurt in any way for it to be like that.

I made it to school and was quickly taken to the doctors with a couple of Thai teachers on board for translation. It was scary but quick and I was sent home to rest. A day later I was completely fine, no pain, no stiffness, just normal. And it lasted like that for another couple of years.

Fast forward to July this year and I was going through my 4th major bout of chronic back pain. This is nothing like the pain I had in Thailand, it’s a million times worse. It’s so bad I can’t walk, stand or lie down without help or support. The pain has made me physically sick and pass out due to its strength and the worst bit about it is that it lasts so long. I can be almost bed bound for up to two weeks and not see any sign of the pain leaving for up to 8. Each time it happens I lose a bit more movement and muscle control that continually affects me on a day to day basis.

This last time pushed me too far. Barley 6 months had passed in between attacks and I had never fully shaken the pain. It was exhausting. It changes everything you do and the way in which you do it. It also changes you, if you let it.

I realised I didn’t want it too, it wasn’t going to ruin my life. I had spent the last 3 years constantly worrying about when it might happen again and if it would be worse than the last time. I couldn’t live like that anymore, it wasn’t me.

I was lucky enough to be given a 6-week course of Acupuncture along with my physiotherapy treatment this time. It helped shave off 2 weeks of recovery time as well as highlight some of the other issues the back pain had caused. I realised that although I am only 29, I was unable to continue doing the physically demanding environmental job I had been in for almost 3 years. And this is where the biggest change happened.

At the end of August this year I handed in my notice to begin the long road to recovery, away from heavy lifting. And in doing so I went full time with my true passion and became self-employed with my business The Butterfly and Toadstool

I will continue with my physiotherapy now that Acupuncture is complete and hope to get back to my Yoga class before the end of the year. I have a lot of work to do, exercising is key to improving my back, and I will remain positive that one day I will be pain free and able to touch my toes again!
As for now I can’t help to think that things are meant, so even if it had to come in the form of pain, it’s put me on the path to happiness as a solo trader.

So stay positive, be creative and shop local. You really can make a difference to little people with big dreams.


Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Curly Tale Books!

We have a New Stockist!!

I’m so pleased to say that we have a lovely new stockist, Curly Tale Books in Wigtown, Scotland! 

This wonderfully quirky and fun book shop has a lovely gift area and small gallery space for local artists and makers. They now have a selection of our jewellery and accessories as well as some storybook inspired name plaques!

Curly Tale Books, founded by author and illustrator Shalla Gray and writer and journalist Jayne Baldwin, incorporates everything that is fun and inspiring about books. As well as beautiful gifts, they stock a large range of old and new book for all age groups, including the 7 wonderful children’s books published by Jayne and Shalla.

Wigtown really is a wonderful place to visit, with so much to see and do in the surrounding areas, it's got something to do for all the family. 

The Wigtown Book Festival is held in Wigtown every year too, this year from the 23rd of September to 2nd October, and it’s a must see if you are in the area.

Pop along to Curly Tale Books now, it really is a little adventure!